Designing, Inspecting, and Assuring Excellence in Construction.

At CIVIL HEM structural engineering firm, we offer a wide range of services to support your construction projects. From innovative structural designs and proof checking for safety and accuracy to in-depth project management consultancy, third-party inspection, and quality monitoring, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Our expertise in non-destructive testing, materials testing, and technical consultancy ensures that your projects meet the highest industry standards, while our detailed project reports and third-party testing services offer transparency and quality assurance. With our commitment to quality and safety, we are your trusted partner in creating successful, reliable, and structurally sound constructions.

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Structural Designs & Proof Checking

Proof checking / Peer review of structural designs & drawings of buildings and other structures:

  • Review of soil investigation data.
  • Geotechnical Investigation & Foundation Design.
  • Verification of adherence to various codes regarding loadings and design procedure.
  • Compliance with the provisions of tender documents and technical specifications.
  • Compliance with the Provisions of Design standard codes.
  • Carrying out independent 3D analysis.
  • Checking the safety of the structure and economy in sizes of members / reinforcement.
  • Conformity between design calculations and drawings.
  • Detailing clarity of details and drawings contents with respect to ease of execution on site.

Project Management Consultants (P.M.C)

Project Management Consultancy services are most necessary for

  • Expert Project management advice or assistance is often needed by Organizations, Programmes and Projects that do not have those resources internally.
  • Independent outside Project Management oversight or review services are needed for Project Management governance purposes, for Major projects and project-Based organizations.
  • Project Management Consultation is a natural services that Project and programme managers, and Project Management experts.
  • Project Management professionals; explain the temporary nature of project work and the need for many people to change in order to advance their Projects.

Third Party Inspections

A third Party Inspections is certified by the client so as to inspection for compliances with specifications requirements, third party agency documents the results of onsite inspections and may off-site document review, and then submit the report to the Clients. Third Party agencies are hired directly by the clients. They are hired to report facts, not enforce laws for the following group of civil engineering works.

Third Party Testing

Building, Road & Infrastructure: Conducting Quality Assurance Programs and form Inceptions stage to Completion stage.

Technical Consultancy

We, the Technical consultants plan the technical requirements for a project with the project manager and the manager of the technical team and then carry out the required technical tasks in the system. Depending on the scope and complexity of the implementation, technical consultants works in several areas.

Proof Checking

Evaluation of design and execution by the third party for better assurance of proposed design and ability of the results and development to meet requirements if any problem exists in the design it is most Probably to be identified in scrutiny and discussions. These Problems after identification needs to be taken care and actions are proposed to do the same..

Non-Destructive Testing (N.D.T)

Non Destructive Testing our Civil Engineering Testing Laboratory is conducting NDT for Hardened Concrete it is often necessary to test concrete structures after the concrete has hardened to determinate whether the structure is suitable for its designed use. Ideally such testing should be done without damaging the concrete. The tests available for testing concrete range from.

Completely Non destructive, it is where during the test under progress No damage to the surface of concrete member

Semi/Partially destructive, it is where the surface of the concrete member is slightly Damaged. Such as Core tests

Materials Testing Laboratory

We CIVIL HEM Have a well equipped & Fully Furnished Materials Testing Laboratory with High Quality Precise equipments Calibrated in NABL accredited Laboratory. for precise results. Laboratory Accredited by NABL Dept of Science & Technology Govt of India.

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide accurate and reliable test results to our customers through sound management system, skilled personnel by following National / International standards as applicable. We shall also strive for continual improvement of management system to comply with the requirements of ISO 17025 standard through active involve mention of personnel and good professional practices.

Quality Objectives

Continual improvement of knowledge and development of individuals through training:

  • To ensure the requirements of standard ISO 17025 Communicated to all the employees to strive continual improvements
  • To minimize complaints
  • To continuously improve, evaluate the status of laboratory through QC checks and inter-lab comparisons